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Bonnie Stern

February 2023

I hope all is well and that your new year is off to a good start.

This month, some of the things I am excited about - we are starting our in-person book clubs again - more information and dates coming soon; excited that Miznon - Tel Aviv's most famous pita sandwich place is opening in Toronto this month (they are so delicious). Also, Anna and I are doing an in person event about our new cookbook, Don't Worry Just Cook, at Synagogue Habonim.

Let me know what you are excited about.

Delicious Wishes

Kitchen Tip
ROASTING NUTSRoasted nuts have much more flavour. Roast hazelnuts by spreading them on a baking sheet and bake in a preheated 350F oven for 15 to 20 minutes until medium browned (be careful not to let them burn). After roasting rub warm hazelnuts with a tea towel and remove as much of the skins as possible. Freeze roasted hazelnuts in a sealed container or bag so that you do not have to roast them every time a recipe calls for roasted nuts.

I also roast and freeze almonds, pecans and walnuts the same way but you don't have to rub off their skin. 

Bonnie's Book Club
Bonnie's Book Club is a labour of love. Nothing pleases Bonnie more than to have the opportunity to bring readers and writers together in a truly unique way that offers the rare opportunity to meet some of the country's leading authors, discuss their work and enjoy a delicious meal inspired by the book.

Drawing on her degree in English and her passion for food and cooking, Bonnie Stern invites you to a literary feast you won't soon forget - Oprah's book club never tasted this good.

Exciting in-person book clubs coming soon. We can't wait to tell you all about them.

Stay tuned.

Our New Cookbook
Don't Worry, Just Cook
Bonnie's new cookbook, written with her daughter Anna Rupert (who has, in fact, been in the kitchen cooking beside Bonnie her whole life!). Bonnie and Anna are here to help cooks of all experience foster comfort and connection through food.
Published by Appetite by Random House of Canada, 2022, 293 pages, hardcover.


Kindle edition
Some of Bonnie's Cookbooks
Friday Night Dinners (Paperback)

Friday Night Dinners

Bonnie's last cookbook with her favourite menus, recipes, photos and stories. Over 170 delicious recipes for every occasion - holidays, barbecues, fast suppers and fabulous feasts - and Bonnie makes sure you can make fantastic meals and still enjoy the food and fun with everyone else. You'll want to use this book every day of the week.

Published by Random House of Canada, 2010, 320 pages, paperback


Bonnie Stern's Essentials of Home Cooking
Bonnie Stern's
Essentials of Home Cooking

Winner of the 2004 International Association of Culinary Professionals Award. A beautiful cookbook filled with Bonnie’s personal favourites - dishes that reflect the way we are cooking today.

Published by Random House of Canada, 2003, 208 pages, paperback

News And Events
7 pm

Congregation Habonim invites you to join Bonnie Stern and Anna Rupert as they share some delicious Passover friendly recipes from their new cookbook Don't Worry, Just Cook.

For more information and to register click
Pre-Passover Cooking Evening

WINTERLICIOUS 2023Friday January 27 - Thursday February 9, 2023

For more information click: Winterlicious 2023
Restaurant Recommendations and More
Lee Restaurant
603 King Street West
416 504 7867
I still remember the first time I went to Lotus almost 35 years ago. It was on the advice of my friend Irene Tam who told me I HAD to go. It was so delicious it was shocking! Susur Lee changed the Toronto restaurant scene forever. When I went with a few friends to Lee Restaurant last week it was fun to reminisce. The Singapore Style Slaw was just as delicious as the first time I tried it and the "Luckee" Shrimp Cheung Fun was amazing. The restaurant is closing in March but opening again around the corner in a few months.
Moderate to Expensive
Lai Wah Heen
108 Chestnut Street
416 977 9899
Another special Toronto restaurant revisited. Simply the best dim sum I have had in a long time. Plus the room is bright and spacious and service was great. Do not miss the wok-fried amazing turnip cake - as well as all your favourites.
Moderate to Expensive
Featured Recipes
  • 8 oz semisweet or bittersweet chocolate (by weight), chopped
  • 1/3 cup butter, cut into small pieces
  • 2 tbsp strong prepared coffee (eg espresso)
  • 1 tbsp vanilla extract or paste
  • 4 eggs, separated - yolks and whites
  • 1/2 cup sugar
  • 1/2 cup whipping cream
  • flaked sea salt
  •  CHOCOLATE MOUSSE This all-time favourite dessert is delicious as is, or serve it with toppings. Arrange a tray of toppings eg whipped cream, caramel sauce, meringues, berries, roasted hazelnuts, praline, berries, halvah and whatever you like - call it a chocolate mousse bar.


    1. Melt chocolate in the microwave for 2 minutes on high and then at 30 seconds intervals until almost completely melted. Stir to finish melting. Or melt chocolate in a bowl set over (not in) gently simmering water until almost completely melted and stir, off heat, to finish melting. Whisk in butter, bit by bit, coffee and vanilla and stir until smooth.

    2. Using a whisk, beat egg yolks into chocolate.
    With a hand mixer whip cream until light but not firm. Reserve.

    3. With clean beaters beat egg whites until opaque and foamy. Add sugar gradually and beat until medium peaks form. Stir a big spoonful of whites into chocolate and then gently fold in remaining whites and gently fold in reserved whipped cream. Spoon mixture into individual serving bowls/cups/glasses and refrigerate at least a few hours before serving.

    Makes about 6 servings

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